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It has never occured to us that how it was like this

July 28,2018.

Bonita’s people has started learning journey in this week.

They have challenged themselves and broken through constantly.

Let’s listen what they learned after training.

A group of people do one thing in a mind fighting together for a life.

Clear goal, strong intention,complete plan,Urgent action,Adjust mentality, correct behavior, face facts, self-discipline and persistence.

Be a creative team.own creative thinking.

Whether you can succeed or not depends on whether you are willing or not

Team work can be win-win together!


I believe that our people will face work and life in better attitude and change themselves positively through this training

Keep fighting! Hope our people could move towards their day ,they will stand in the bright place, to live as they  had  the most eager to look like!

I also wish our people can keep on going with passion and burning blood,living as what they want.

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