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Flying youth dreams, creating brilliant of New year


We have sent one year away unconsciously in busy work.

We said good bye to 2017 with elegant achievements, welcomed 2018 with full of hope.

Same goal, same direction. A ground of people around us has worked behind the scenes for development of company ,worked hard and glowed with enthusiasm in this year. They have not only done good job, but also inspired everyone with action and strength.

There is an old saying walking alone begets speed, walking together begets distance. Bonita will grow more and more stronger because of your efforts.

And fantastic performances~

Let’s celebrate and share the happiness with everybody.

We will stay true to the mission, fly youth dreams and create brilliant of New year in 2018.

It’s not the end but a new start, everything is about to start flying towards our higher and farther dream.

Happy new year and best wishes to your family.

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