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Burning up ! 2018


The 2017 has been end with the 2018 New Year’s bell ringing out.

We actively respond to the call of “Let's roll up our sleeves and work hard” in the New Year.

We are going to make waves in the New Year’s Day.

Yes,you heard me!We will make a PK game with seven companies in the New Year’s first month.

We have been learning and expanding in order to cohere the team strength and feel deeply the importance of teamwork.

This outward bound training teached us that we need have strong a faith,detailed planning ,workhard personally and teamwork for our targets.

There is an old saying:one person can walk a long way,but a group of people can work for  a long time.

Thank you for all peolple,you all pledged your life to achieve the target which make a great beginning for 2018.

Bonita’s peolpe continue the activity’s passion after the outward bound training.Sailing belongs to Bonita’s new journey in 2018

We still refuse to take defeat lying down for 2018,and we will yell at 2018 “we are bound to reach our goals”with confidence and planning.

2018,which is destined to be a extraordinary year.Bonita’s heroes,we need to take out our determinations,work together,congruence the goals which set sailing on a long voyage,break the winds and  get through the waves.We will find our new roads with an enterprising spirit.

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